Ask Armen Ra Anything!

Mar 6, 2013 · 1985 views

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One of the more fascinating aspects of Sharon Needle’s debut album PG-13 is her collaboration with theremin player Armen Ra. Born in Tehran, Iran, Armen Ra’s family barely escaped the Iranian Revolution of the late […]


  1. Avatar Mari says:

    What gives you butterflies?

  2. Avatar Armineh says:

    What makes you proud?

  3. Avatar Ani says:

    Addams Family or The Munsters?

  4. Avatar Kari says:

    Who would you consider your greatest style icon?

  5. Avatar Mlle. Toots Sweet says:

    Hi Armen, how are you? I want to ask: What do you imagine life might have been like for you over the years had you returned to Iran? Also, do you think you may have taken up a different instrument other than the Theramin? I look forward to seeing your documentary! xo

  6. Avatar Osho says:

    What’s your favorite thing?

  7. Avatar Logos says:

    Why did you want to make a movie about your life?

  8. Avatar Andrew Keen says:

    Armen, when you first started out, and being so young, what was the biggest thing that made you want to challenge the “status-quo” ?

  9. Avatar Edmon says:

    Hi Armen , it is obvious the theremin is one of the most important things in your life. Has there ever been a time in your life where you didn’t want to play the theremin anymore? And if you did , what did you do to keep on playing ?

  10. Avatar Anita says:

    If allowed back into Iran, where would you go first? Why?

  11. Avatar Ahlo Sahla says:

    Being from a Middle Eastern heritage are you out to your family and if so are they accepting of who you as a gay performer and also as I know you as a NY LEGEND ?

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