Ask Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano Anything!

Feb 25, 2014 · 1985 views

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Talking to two of the baddest girls from Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.

Ask Bianca and Adore anything! The best questions will be read on the show, and remember girls, don’t fuck it up.


  1. I have a few 🙂

    Why in the hell did they give Adore a bag of sketti?!? Haha I really think she should have walked the runway naked and just pour the sketti over yourself! Adore, was it weird having Adam lambert judge you being that you were both openly gay American idol contestants? And I have to ask, did Adore really just bring 4 gowns? Love Adore and I hope she makes it far as well!

    Bianca, how did it feel when you walked into the work room and there was already stuff in there. Did you guys know that it was split up? Also, who is the bigger bitch this season, Bianca or Gia. I do like Gia but Bianca is very smart with her humor and as soon as I saw her walk into the work room I was giggling. Also, who did Bianca have the most issues with, Michelle, Santino, or Rupaul? I’m really hoping Bianca makes it very far, she is absolutely my favorite. And she follows me on twitter which makes me very happy :).

    This is for either to answer but who is walking the runway in like a weird 4 legged creature costume in the promos? Also I just wanna say that I think season 6 has a lot of amazing girls this year and I’m very excited to see how it will unfold

  2. Oh and one more thing, what was with the weird ear tug rupaul and Kelly mantle did before she had to sashay away? I do I have a theory that next week after the bottom queens lip sync that the one who has to sashay away gets saved and they have to lip sync against Kelly mantle then only one will go home rather than 2 queens. Maybe Kelly is saved? I don’t know we will have to see.

    • Jayne says:

      I’ll answer the ear tug for you… RuPaul had told Kelly Mantle that she reminded RuPaul of Carol Burnett, and the ear tug was in reference to that comparison.

      Carol had a comedy show (with Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner), and at the end she would take questions from the audience. When she wrapped up the show, she would tug on her ear, which was her code for hello and love you to the grandmother who raised her. (If you get a chance, try to pick up a sketch or two from that show… Hilarious! I so wish it was back on network TV!)

  3. robinboy says:

    Is Bianca friends with any of the queens or have they deleted her number for reading them to filth? Also just wanna say Adore can honey my boo boo any time, child!

  4. * What was something you didn’t expect going into the show?
    * Have you guys made any great friends from the show?
    * Favorite way you have ever read someone?

  5. Bobobob says:

    William Busch – it was a reference to Carol Burnett! The ear tug was something that she always did. Remember when Ru said that Kelly reminded him of Carol Burnett in the work room and Kelly said she had been a big influence?

    – Bianca and Milk! There are a few hints floating around that they didn’t get along. What’s up there?

    – Did Adore and Courtney compare notes/bond over the American Idol/Australian Idol thing?

  6. csell says:

    BIANCA: Have you ever regretted a joke you’ve told?

  7. csell says:

    ADORE: Do you feel like a lot of Drag Race fans have already made up their minds about you? What do you hope they see as the season progresses?

  8. Zweegas says:

    Bianca, why can I not be your Facebook-fan or even Facebook-follow you? Where is your fanpage and why does your Facebook not allow followers?

  9. Zweegas says:

    Okay, nevermind about me not finding your fanpage.

  10. Antonio Ochoa says:

    I know you are both a singer and a drag queen, and I think you are amazingly talented. If you HAD to choose between making it big as a singer or a drag queen, what would you choose and why?

    BIANCA: 1) I know you are always on the go – it seems like every single day you had a busy schedule, even before RPDR. However, when you do have extra time to relax, what is your favorite thing to do, and why?

    2) Being on drag race, you tend to gain a huge following and fans from allover the world. Though the show has just begun, has the amount of support and love from fans allover the world been overwhelming? Any standout experiences?

    Love ya both! Bianca, I am a HUGE fan and I love your work so much 🙂

  11. T says:

    This question is for you both and I am wondering which fellow contestants you both became closest with and which contestants did you not become close with?

  12. SomeoneOrOther says:

    All questions are for both:

    Did you ever have a time where you wanted to stop doing drag, or generally thought about giving up being an entertainer?

    What place in the world would you most like to visit?

    What is the best/craziest/strangest/most entertaining story you have to tell about something that happened while you were performing?

  13. Bianca, did you ever get to meet Kelly Mantle before she left? I do like the way they are introducing the queens this season but it sucks that not everyone gets to work together at least once.

  14. And this isn’t really a question but you guys should ask Bianca about the dress she made on stage at the RPDR premier. Very impressive

  15. Jim Verraros: Love me some Danny. Does he sing live in his performances? He frickin’ better.

  16. Tom Tom says:

    Adore- What are your measurements? trying to get this look together for you bitch 😉

    Bianca- Why this chicken shit gig? JK…sort of…..
    If you had to sum up each of the winners of previous Drag Race seasons in one word, what would it be for each girl?

  17. Tom Tom says:

    p.s. I was referring to Drag race as the chicken shit gig, not the lovely Feast of Fun of course 😉

  18. David says:

    I want to know what was going through Bianca’s head when Trinity was standing there doing nothing.

    Which came first for Bianca: the fashion or the insult comedy?

    I heard somewhere that Adore went to high school as a girl for some length of time, but I don’t know if I have that wrong. I’d love if she could talk about that.

  19. Noa says:

    Does Bianca Del Rio have a drag mother or any drag children? Bianca do you consider yourself an introvert outside of drag? Do yo still read people even when your not in drag?

    Can Adore Delano dance as good as she sings?

  20. Pissi Myles says:

    Bianca- I love how fearless you are onstage! What makes you feel the most confident when you’re onstage, and what shakes you up?

  21. Destiny Knox says:

    Bianca,I know that it is none of my business,but I was wondering if you have a boyfriend?

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