Ask Kelly Mantle & Milk Anything!

Apr 22, 2014 · 1985 views

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We’re thrilled to have the udderly delicious Milk the Drag Queen and Mickey Mantle’s hilarious drag queen nephew, Kelly Mantle. ABOUT MILK: MILK the Drag Queen is the fever dream creation of championship ice skater […]


  1. Kelly – I hope you get a ‘Shangela’ 2nd chance! I first saw you in the basement of a Mexican restaurant – will you be back anytime soon? Maybe with Chico’s Angeles?

    Milk – Love your off beat energy – I had high hopes for you in Snatch Game- if you got the chance to do Snatch Game over again – what diva would you channel?

  2. Darragh says:

    Milk – What is she most looking forward to about coming to IReland with tammie brown? love you DArragh Hughes- A true drag race fan.

  3. yazzy666 says:

    Kelly- What has been your favorite moment post Drag Race so far? Also do you have rap skills? xo

  4. Kelly and Milk- Have you had any memorable fan experiences/interactions since the show aired that have really stuck out to you?

  5. Kelly and Milk, tell us about your first time dressin’ up in drags and performing.

  6. Zweegas says:

    I know you’re both happy to be here in Gia Gunn’s home city. Will Gia be hosting the show at Roscoes tonight?

  7. Heather G says:

    For both Kelly and Milk – what’s your “creepiest” fan encounter? This creep wants to know.

  8. Joe says:

    Hey its Joe from San Jose, do you know the way?

    Kelly: Have you seen the Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares with Amy’s Baking Company? I have a feeling you would kill it if you did her on Snatch Game. Pornstar/Fashion Designer Boomer Banks tweets about bacon all the time. Do I smell a possible collaboration in the future?

    Milk: You’re a superstar in your own right but you have to share Skim and Yoohoo with the rest of the world! How is your boyfriend feeling about all of this attention on you? Does he want to fight all the haters off and defend you?

  9. Marqo Valentine says:

    MILK! tell us more about Dan, cause we didn’t get to know you allot on the show ! and are you releasing music ?

  10. YCantIBU says:

    MILK: I would like to know, is there a certain significance as to why you overemphasize your lips when you drag up?

    KELLY: I remember you on a drag stand-up special that was hosted by Pandora Boxx and also had Bianca Del Rio. If you had the chance to do the stand up comedy challenge competing against Bianca, do you feel you could have taken the win away from her?

  11. Greg says:

    Milk, is it frustrating that the producers didn’t edit you into a storyline on the show? Maybe you could have stayed longer, but they chose not to edit you into any drama? Or maybe in hindsight, it is better that they kept you above the fray with your integrity completely in tact? Either way, please come to Baltimore!

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