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Apr 30, 2014 · 1985 views

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Oooh girl, 2014 has been a busy year for Ben De La Creme, our gal pal from years back who used to perform here in Chicago but now tears up the clubs in Seattle with […]


  1. Avatar Raj Dave says:

    We are all so upset she has been eliminated and not in top 3 or top 4. How was her experience in the show being eliminated against Darienne (as she is way more talented)?

  2. Avatar Shelbi Snowball says:

    What was a really unexpected aspect of the show that either made it on camera or happened behind the scenes?

  3. Avatar CalicoJane says:

    What draws you to burlesque as a performance style?

  4. Avatar Georgia says:

    What advice did Jinkx give you before you went on Drag Race?

    What were your favorite runway looks of other queens? Which of your looks were you the most proud of and do you feel best represents the fierce and gorgeous queen that you are?

  5. Avatar Jenna says:

    Who did you consider your biggest competition this season and why?

  6. Avatar Nestor Guerrero says:

    Is there one thing that you regret not doing on the show?

  7. Avatar Lindsey says:

    Hi Dela <3 For your show, Terminally delightful, will your other personalities be making guest appearances?? Also bring it to Seattle ASAP!! I love you!

  8. Avatar Joy says:

    In the past, you’ve said that you’re shy and not the most optimistic. What was it that made you decide/realize that doing drag was a way for you to break out of that shell?

  9. Avatar Danny S says:

    When I see your acts on YouTube I’m impressed by the amount of effort you put into it. How long does it take you to prepare /choreograph / make a number?

  10. Avatar alison s says:

    Hi Dela! Out of all your fellow season 6 contestants, who would you choose to do a Freaky Friday swap with? Lots of love!

  11. Avatar Patrick says:

    Dela, first of all, i love youtube personality as well as your character’s. Your explanation of how dela helped you deal with depression is so inspiring!
    Question time
    1) in your opinion, which remaining queen do you think most deserves the crown
    2) what drag tips can you offer?

  12. Avatar Karen says:

    Hi, Bendala. I was a big fan of your Ben-ness on the show but usually had trouble connecting with Dela, who didn’t feel real to me. I don’t question the character’s genuineness but wonder why you don’t perform a fully integrated persona that represents your whole self. Couldn’t you still manifest parts of your characters and not lose them or you? I like you a lot even though I didn’t always get your drag. Good luck with everything that’s coming!

  13. Avatar Alex says:

    Talk about how you truly felt… regarding your elimination.

  14. Avatar TIm 'TinTim' Jones-Yelvington says:

    Dela is the first queen to ever make me want to ask dumb fan-bot sound questions like DELA WILL YOU BE MY BEST FRIEND?

  15. Avatar Annecy says:

    Hi bill! I am big fan from czechloslavakia and I very much admire you ! I have many question first I ask you:
    Why are you so perfect and talented and goofy you make me so happy??
    Can u hop out of a box during the final episode and just be like surprise bitch and win the show
    Did you do theater or something growing up or are you just naturally magical
    When you do hocus pocus with dink and peaches can I be dani
    Who are some people that inspire you as an artist
    What is your favorite kind of oatmeal
    Thank u for answer question bill I am big fan bill me and Sharon needle always talk to each other about how great you are and how much we love that you are always in character in drag and drop it when you’re not in drag u r goddess legend miracle of Allah come czechloslavakia big toe pallison Ryan

  16. Avatar Brenna :) says:

    did you have a drag mother who taught you how to beat your mug and all that good stuff? or are you a lone wolf prowling the desert by moonlight? xoxox!

  17. Avatar Debbie says:

    How did you spend that six months after filming Rupaul’s Drag Race? Were you under a solitary confinement? Did you almost spill the T to anyone by accident?

  18. Avatar Natasha says:

    Sorry for the plethora of questions!

    A while back on ask DeLa you mentioned that DeLa is a persona that came after a more rebellious and “angry at the world” persona. Could you expand a bit more on how you went from “angry at the world to “terminally delightful”? Also do you think that DeLa has become a part of Ben? Lastly, beverage of choice, alcoholic or not.

    Much love or as DeLa would say <3 (less than three) from Los Angeles!

  19. Avatar Erma says:

    I love the names for your turtles, Salmonella Jones and Pizza Party!!!

    If you could be one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles which would you be? Also what do you like on your pizza?

  20. Avatar Bryce says:

    DeLa, as one of the more polished queens on this season, it seemed that a few of the judges were a bit too critical of your drag persona and style. Do you think that you were judged a bit more harsher than the rest due to the fact that others thought you looked like Michelle Visage? Also, if you couldn’t have done Maggie Smith in Snatch Game, what other celebrity would you have chosen?

  21. DeLa, you have such a strong sense of social justice that comes out whenever you speak, and often in your performances on stage. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it. Where did all that come from?

  22. Avatar Peaches Christ says:

    Hello! I wanted to know if she has been enjoying the outrage fans are expressing over her sashay? I was in L.A. when the decision came down and I feared there would be riots. Also, I heard a rumor about a show she’s doing in San Francisco on Sept. 27th which is also Folsom Street Fair weekend. My question is… does she plan on getting fisted?

    When in Rome…

  23. Avatar Streetman says:

    How do you feel about Michelle Visage and others on RDR calling you BenDeLa instead of DeLa? I thought it was your name until I watched What Cha Packing? Even your hometown queen, Jinx Monsoon, has started calling you that. -Richard Streetman

  24. Avatar Harper says:

    Hi Dela! What advice would you give someone who’s afraid that they won’t be able to be successful doing the thing they love?

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