Ask Joslyn Fox and April Carrion ANYTHING!

May 12, 2014 · 1985 views

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Oh yes hunties! We’re taping a fabulous podcast with the delicious Joslyn Fox and April Carrion from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six.

Ask them ANYTHING! Remember, the best questions get asked on the show, so don’t fuck it up.


  1. Bryce says:

    Joslyn Fox: I’m a huge fan of yours. How was it filming the ‘Little Miss John Wayne’ video with country-star Glenn Stewart? What does he think of you being on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  2. Annecy says:

    Joslyn u were one of my most favorite parts of season six ok you make me so happy and my hamster is named ruzy q and I feel like u and me are the same person and i really can’t think of any question besides why are you so perfect and so smart??? you are such a strong queen with a great heart and so much talent and you are hilarious and like as soon as I saw the first episode I was already raving about how happy you make me you just bring so much joy and Fausto and Marc if u do not read this whole messed up paragraph to that black horse I will whoop yo mothafrickin buttocks anyway joslyn u should be my pal my name is annecy and I am a psychotic teen girl who lives through worshiping drag queens on a big glowing box nice to meet you

  3. Joslyn Fox: On Drag Race, there was mention of you getting married. Did it sting just a little bit more that you eliminated on the wedding challenge?

    How is your relationship with Courtney Act? At first you idolized her but as the season progressed you slowly realized that she wasn’t everything you thought she was.

    April Carrion: During you time on Drag Race, you put in all the effort you could have put in to the challenges but you got eliminated. Do you think that there is something stopping Puerto Rican queens from snatching the title?

  4. Forgot this question for April:
    When the audience can feel the energy and the meaning behind the words, that is when a lip-synch moves me. One of my favorite lip-synchs this season of Drag Race was the one between yourself and Trinity K. Bonet. What was going on through your mind as you were lip-synching?

  5. Hi Joslyn Fox, are you Latina? How are things in Massachusetts? Do you have many Puerto Rican fans?

    Hi April!!! What is the drag scene like in Puerto Rico? How did you get started in drag? How does it relate to your art training at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan?

    Both of you girls are sickening! Love you both!


  6. Parker Marie Molloy says:

    For Joslyn:

    Could you elaborate on your response to the to the Advocate’s question about the “Female or She-male” game, in which you said:

    “It was when I saw the backlash of it and people saying how ‘oversensitive’ the transgender community was being over the situation that it really began to bother me. I don’t think it is fair for gays to criticize the trans community about hot-button words. It seems to be very hypocritical. It has always been a worthy fight to me to stop people from saying words like ‘fag,’ ‘gay,’ ‘homo,’ etc. … so why is this any different? Of course, there is no harm meant by words like ‘she-male’ on a show like Drag Race, but using it so casually only empowers the word to be used in a hateful, derogatory way.”

    What would you have liked to have see happen with regards to the response to criticism? As you’re likely aware, the show itself (as well as RuPaul) did not apologize, only the network. Do you think it would be beneficial for future episodes of the show to try to work education of trans issues into the final cut?

  7. Kyle says:

    Joslyn: How do you feel about young fans? Like, teens and pre-teens? I’ve found that you’re very appealing to younger fans of RPDR, and I was just wondering what your opinion is on it.

  8. Marry fuck kill for both of them, the cast of Season 6!

  9. Anja says:

    Joslyn: What is the origin of ‘Wonk Wonk”?
    April: Which queen from your season did you get the closest to? And if you could choose any PR queen to pair up with for All Stars, who would you choose?

  10. April – I thought you were so sweet and beautiful – sorry to see you go so soon – and I liked you more than Trinity so I wish you had stayed instead after the Rusical lypsync. In the scream queen challenge you asked the directors Michelle Visage & Ru Paul how you were doing and they said ‘It’s your choice’ – I thought that seemed inconsistent with what they were doing with others – they actually coached Trinity and told her what to do (she didn’t ask) and yet when you asked they said ‘It’s up to you’ – very shady – how did you feel about that?

    Joslyn – I thought you were great – LOVED the untucked segment when your Papi called – I did cry a little bit – Have you tied the knot yet? Any of the other queens in your wedding party?

    Good luck to you both!

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