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I Just LOVE Cats!!!!

Anybody know if this supposed eHarmony video is for real?

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TN Makes Offensive Internet Photos Illegal

I gotta say Tennessee’s politicians are really working overtime to restrict what people can and cannot do and say. Bill Haslam the Republican Governor of Tennessee just signed into law something that was spearheaded by […]

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Penises Burned Into Grass Upsets Gerhard

Gerhard Van Dyk, the principal for Fairfield college in Waikato, New Zealand came to school in May of 2009 to find pranksters had burned the grass around the school to be in the shape of several […]

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Man Arrested After Wife Poses as Teen on Facebook

Amazing news story! Man Arrested After Wife Poses as Teen on Facebook Apparantly this woman decided to create a fake profile and sign on to Facebook to get some information about what her husband was […]

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VIDEO: Busy NYC Intersection

Very cool video. While filmed in New York City this is pretty much the same as what I see in front of my office building in the Chicago Loop . . .   Except they […]

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She Texted. We Kicked Her Out.

Appears the Alamo Drafthouse theatre in Austin, TX has a zero tolerance policy for movie theatre talkers and texters.  Can they open up a theatre in Chicago????? She Texted.  We Kicked Her Out

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VIDEO: Homeowner Forecloses on Bank

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It

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VIDEO: Why Bin Laden Was Buried at Sea

Remember to always buckle up!!!!!!

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Fred Karger – the First Openly Gay Presidential Nominee

(Marc & Fausto – Not sure why but thumbnails always get messed up when I attempt to upload them) I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I’m surprised to see the first openly gay […]

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Statue of David Upsets Neighbors

This statue of David is bothering some homeowners in Texas . . . Check it out at 1:04 however . . .  “Although the homeowners were aware that some homeowners are offended by this no […]



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On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown
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On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

I’m not seeing it. When we started watching it a couple of years ago they started at season 2. As of now it seems... » More

On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

What’s this about season 1 being remastered? Where can it be found? We’ve wanted to see it for years and haven’t... » More

On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

Enjoyed this interview quite a bit. It’s awesome to hear from people that have achieved success and remain down to Earth. I might have missed... » More

On FOF #1955 – The Man Who Created Scruff