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I wish my life were like hers.

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VIDEO: How Jane Lynch Outed Me

A FOFer’s Coming Out Story

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Paula Deen Riding Things

One of my friends from high school started this blog Paula Deen Riding Things and it’s gotten super popular in the first 24 hours! Jimmy Fallen even tweeted about it. Check it out!

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On VIDEO: Cher is Awesome on Twitter, Lady Gaga as Elvira and Should We Become Gay Missionaries?

It’s strange to think about, but you guys definitely made me into the man I am today. I remember searching iTunes for something gay and you... » More

On FOF #1425 – Growing Up Feast of Fun

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On IMAGE: Barbarian Pride

I usually love John Barrowman. But this was just…just wrong. » More

On VIDEO: John Barrowman Sings ”I Kissed a Girl”

Did you ever see Stacy Lane Matthews’ impersonation of you and what did you think of it… How has life changed for you after your Oscar win? Do... » More

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