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Damon Talks About Social Media With Project Kinnect

Is “Facebook Depression” getting you down? I was recently asked by Project Kinnect  if social media is the next great evil, and this was my response:

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How Not Taking It Personally Can Save Your Life

When somone trashes you it can be hard not to take it personally.  But learning how not to take bullying and online criticism personally can save your life! Find out how to do it in […]

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VIDEO: One Life to Live Star Speaks Out on Gay Suicide

Damon L. Jacobs, author of Absolutely Should-less, talks with 16-year-old Shenell Edmonds (Destiny on One Life To LIve) about the recent epidemic of gay suicides.  Listen to her timely wisdom about staying alive and not […]

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Scott Evans and Gregory Michael Talk to We Love Soaps

Open gay actor Scott Evans talks to We Love Soaps about his firing from One Life to Live via the internet, while Gregory Michael talks about his roles on Greek and As the World Turns.

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On FOF #2573 – The Loneliness Epidemic