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Star Trek Girl – Music Video

Going where no girl has gone before…

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Leauge of Supergays: The Gathering Part One

Look! Up in the sky! Somewhere over the rainbow! It’s a bear, It’s a tranny, It’s the Leauge of Equality! The Leauge of Supergays was created by Roque Yanez and his husband, Scott Rosenquist. Yanez […]

VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Swim suit season is fast approaching. Join in on the new sensation! Work on those washboard abs while you do a full load!

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Reply For some reason the video player isn’t loading… here’s a link to the the music video for now » More

On Star Trek Girl – Music Video

Yep, That’s Amnesia Sparkles making a special Workout with Bill appearance 🙂 » More

On VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Maybe YouTube will leave it online for a while… I mean at least the jock straps were clean. lol. » More

On VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Unfit heterosexual parents and straight people who choose not to raise their children are the reason that these orphans need to be adopted in the first... » More

On Mike Huckabee says of adoption by same-sex couples: ‘go get a puppy.’

The creative designer, Alexander McQueen dressed up Lady Gaga in this outfit. He must of have forgotten tiny details as whiting teeth… Apparently other things were... » More

On Gaga Fashion Flaw