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NPR: Carl Paladino: Gay ’Option’ Not ’as Valid’ as Straight

According to Paladino sexual orientation is like a V-8 commercial where gay men may one day slap their foreheads and exclaim, “I coulda had a woman!”  He doesn’t understand or is unwilling to accept that […]

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NYT: Gay Harassment and the Struggle for Inclusion

The recent suicides of gay teenagers have mobilized liberal Christian and Jewish clergy into addressing issues of harassment and tolerance.  — By Samuel G. Freedman

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When You Can’T Go Back, and You Don’T Know How to Go Forward, Make a Hard Turn

In the 90s I reached a low point in my life.  I’d left the navy, the defining experience and society of my adult life until then.  I was in college, a good college, but I […]

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Why the Hate? RE: Tyler Clementi

I was moved by this video blogger’s powerful, emotional and honest sharing of his feelings and ideas about the state of society and the tragedy of losing gay youth to suicide.  I feel that he […]

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Seven Things to Think About During All This Fuss About Gay Kids Committing Suicide

I channeled various members of my own family and childhood community in creating the piece at the link.  It’s not satire.  It’s simply a reflection, punctuated here and there for effect, of what I’m pretty […]

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On IMAGE: Lady Gaga is Paul from the Wonder Years

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On Seven Things to Think About During All This Fuss About Gay Kids Committing Suicide