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Nomi Malone Writes a Self-Esteem Book for Girls

Elizabeth Berkley, best known for her roles as the book-smart beauty in Saved by the Bell and a brazen stripper in the campy screen classic Showgirls, now adds self-help guru to her resume. On a […]

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Firestorm Brewing Over Christian App for “Homosexual Strugglers”

An app from a Christian Ministry is “designed to be a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders” over what it calls “homosexual strugglers.” The free app comes from Exodus International, a […]

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Quark’s Looking Sultry

Quark as Lumba. This amused me.

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VIDEO: Hello, I’m Lady GaGa

Watch as she talks about the characters from Fame Monster and her new album, Born This Way.

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There is Proof

Richard Gere loves gerbils up his ass.

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Mae West, an Author?

from Dita Von Teese’s Twitter. she calls it “an elusive, rare book…but worth the hunt!” i want it i bet it’s a great read!

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i love these .gifs from Showgirls and i think i have them in chronological order, no?

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this is just lovely. ♥ » More

On VIDEO: Lady Gaga on Japanese Show ”Tetsuko’s Room”

hmmmmm flip it? sound like she lifted that line form FOF’s own Miss Ronnie! SMH » More

On Nomi Malone Writes a Self-Esteem Book for Girls

Lady Vera Parker! lol i knew she couldn’t stay out of trouble! » More

On Drag Queen Arrested for Human Trafficking

you guys talking about masking reminds me of Tracy Taylor. aww i miss her, she was one of my favorite regular guests. » More

On FOF #1181 – Woeful Tales of a Chocolate Whale

I always wanted my first Blu-ray purchase to be meaningful. i can’t wait! » More

On ”Showgirls” on Blu-Ray this next June!