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I loved Brian’s anti-semitism and clocking fag hags. Just for the record, a straight man that hangs out with gay men is called a “fag stag.”... » More

On FOF #1809 – Punching the Clock

Don’t you guys reclaim your screens? I thought you were joking about destroying them after you print t-shirts, but after the “another screen wasted”, I say…... » More

On FOF #1798 – Star Trek: Into Dorkness

I could listen to Alaska talk literally all day. “Do you really talk like that all the time?” “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” I live. » More

On FOF #1768 – Jinkx Monsoon and Alaska Thunderfuck are on Fire

I want to hear interviews with… Alaska. I love Sharon to death but I’d really love an interview with Alaska only. She needs some air time of... » More

On FOF #1728 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

You know how the drag cruise allowed people to get booked with specific queens so they could have lunch and hang out with them? Will I... » More

On FOF #1716 – How to Ruin Christmas for Everyone