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My Drunk Kitchen

Who hasn’t cooked while drinking a bottle of wine!

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Of Course It’s Cheap, It’s Hardly Beef

Class action suit accuses Taco Bell of selling ground beef that is only 34% beef.

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VIDEO: Eliza Skinner Loves Tyler Perry

Eliza tries out for one of the few white roles in a Tyler Perry movie

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Onion News: Chinese Gossip Blogger Fights for Freedom

Dissident Zhang Zhuohua fought against the repressive Chinese government which sought to squelch his right to post unflattering pictures of celebrities with penises drawn in their mouths.

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Lady GaGa in Sign Language

There is nothing like a hot guy doing a Lady Gaga song in sign language.

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VIDEO: Pixie Herculon

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Hot Muscle vs. Drag Queens

It’s everything I love about LA; Muscle heads, Trannies & Gangstas!

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Tandi Iman Dupree

OUCH. This sista girl WORKED her routine. Points for dropping out of the sky into full splits!

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On Watch the Entire Paul Lynde Halloween Special from 1976, If You Dare

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On VIDEO: Wagon Wheel Watusi

i wish you could have been here too. Because of the time zones, New Zealand is the first country to begin the Glitter Day celebrations. » More

On VIDEO: Eliza Skinner Loves Tyler Perry

I must have missed this one the first time around. I’m kinda glad I did miss it. Girlfriend is a flat-liner. To quote Randy Jackson... » More

On FOFA #1208 – Tyra Sanchez is Sorry About Nothing

That would be Fabulous! Pick a place and time… I’m off tomorrow so I’m pretty much just hanging out. Happy Glitter Day! » More

On VIDEO: Eliza Skinner Loves Tyler Perry