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VIDEO: Liza Minnelli on HSN

sequins sequins sequins!!! I swear she had to be high or something…I don’t think she knew what was going on or where she was half of the time…but enjoy this edited version of Liza’s GORGEOUS […]

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Transgendered Character in Family Guy

In the latest episode of Family Guy a transgendered character is introduced into the story.  basically, Quagmire’s father gets a sex change, and Quagmire rejects him and The Family Guy family treats it as a […]

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VIDEO: Auto-Tune Makes Everything Sound Better!!

I just found out about these guys who Auto Tune clips from the news and put them together and edit other stuff…. it made me think of when Fausto used his Auto-Tune app on his […]

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Lady Gaga Better Watch Out!!

these doggies are out to get her!!! Can’t tell if they are fans of hers or haters, regardless she should still be afraid haha!

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I can donate a little bit to the kickstarter this time, was there a set amount to pledge in order to get access to the Cynthia... » More

On FOF #2525 – Fry Harder

Boy I could listen to Amanda put Fausto in his place for hours. Fausto going on about Unions being the reason for the anti-abortion movement was... » More

On FOF #2454 – Umlauts Arë Nïpples för Vöwëls

I watched most of The Food Network Star that Arnold was in, and was rooting for them till the end! I think Arnold’s biggest issue was... » More

On FOF #2406 – Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

always great to have Amanda on the show. Also, lil tip/advice about the t-shirts in the FOF store, I would suggest having tank-top options for some of... » More

On FOF #2392 – Balloon Animal Circus

I don’t know if he’s had plastic surgery, but there is something unnaturally-unappealing about his face that i don’ find attractive whatsoever » More

On FOF #2358A – Will You Accept These Hoes?