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VIDEO: Serbian Comedy ”Parada”

The comedy “Parada” (The Parade) by Serbian director Srdjan Dragojevic is a film about gays but for for a largely homophobic audience in the Balkans. It was choosen at the Teddy awards 2012 (an official […]

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VIDEO: Interviews With Syphilis, Chlamydia and Hepatitis B

A campaign by the French gay website Prends-MOI tries to inform young gays in a funny, clever way about STDs. This interview with Syphilis. See more

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VIDEO: The Berlin Hipster – a Parody

The video is in German, please switch on the subtitles. When you travel to Berlin you will quickly notice that the city is full of hipsters. All of them try so hard to be unique […]

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VIDEO: Sexy Car Wash

Time for a sexy car wash!

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VIDEO: How to Fake French

Some tips how to communicate with French when you cannot speak French.

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VIDEO: Beautiful Australian Ad for Marriage Equality

A beautiful Australian ad for Marriage Equality

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VIDEO: Geisha Girls – Kick&Loud

Geisha girls perform their song “Kick&Loud”. Two messy drag queens dressed up like a Geisha combined with 1990s hip hop music. Enjoy!

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Hot Guys From Google Street View and Bing

The website “Dudes from Views” is a collection of half naked guys who by chance where photographed by the Google Street View or Bing cars. My favourite so far is the hot Russian gatekeeper above.

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Experts Say Porn Does Not Hurt Kids

Nowadays parents often worry about that online pornography might affect their children in a negative way. Due to online pornography the way young people learn about sex has changed. Experts say parents should not worry […]

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Elio Di Rupo Very Likley to Become First Openly Gay Prime Minister of Belgium

After 15 months of discussions Belgium finally decided to form a new government and openly gay socialist Elio Di Rupo is very likely to become the new prime minister of the new government. Due to […]

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