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David Hasseloff – Another German National Trauma

The Germans have some fairly devastating national trauma to deal with: in addition to the obvious, there were several decades of living in a country divided in half, being stuck in the middle of the […]

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This photo came up after the election in Germany. Mitt means “with” in German, ohne means “without”. 🙂 » More

On FOF #1690 – Obama Nails It

So that’s why Obama won the election. Good job, Cher! » More

On VIDEO: Cher and Kathy Griffin Want You to Get Out and Vote

Uhh, that Schadenfreude! » More

On PHOTOS: Republicans Crying On Election Night

wow, fabulous! » More

On Water Wigs Captured with High Speed Cameras

“Some people can see colors that others can’t”, sure, depends on what you take everything appears in a different colour. 😉 » More

On FOF #1642 – The Sixth Sense