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The act of “tea bagging” is actually the same in the virtual world as it is in the real world! When you kill someone in a FPS... » More

On FOF #2197 – One Hundred Wigs

Cody Runnels aka Cody Rhodes in the middle looking like he is enjoying himself. When you try to search this picture on google and you click... » More

On FOF #2195 – Terri Runnels’ Wild World of TV Wrestling

The first episode that I ever listened to was your first one with Miss Understood way back when. Nostalgia!! » More

On FOF #2191 – To Miss Understood, Thanks for Everything

The healing hands is basically what Reiki is. I learned about it in massage school and have had experiences with it myself. :] » More

On FOF #2168 – The Queen of Everything

I am grateful that Teddy mentioned AVEN. I have been considering whether or not I am asexual or not. But it seemed so black and white.... » More

On FOF #2166 – Sexy Science