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Im gonna use this Ted talk on a class soon.. thanks for feeding me with nice and useful information you guys! » More

On FOF #2309 – Inside All of Us There is A Powerful Drag Queen

Bunny has of feel the Bern… they are the same age… and maybe the same person… Now for real… Bunny is a clever person and very smart... » More

On FOF #2311 – Lady Bunny Feels the Bern

Miss Thing (Latrice MF Royale) is amazing, sweet and she has gone on a long path… it’s always a pleasure to listen at her » More

On FOF #2313 – Latrice Royale Infuses Jazz with Pizazz

I was trying to run and listen to this… but it’s impossible to run and laugh at the same time… thanks for this Fabulous episode » More

On FOF #2315 – How to Blow Them Away