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Baltimore Gay Pride is the Sexiest

The city benches at almost every bus stop in Baltimore proclaim, “Baltimore, the Most Beautiful City in the World.” Did the city planners forget about Paris, Rome, San Francisco or nearly every other major city […]

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Semi-Legend in His Own Time

Meet an Old School New York City drag legend…sort of. I met Augusto through a friend about 15 years ago and every year he sends me a holiday card of himself in drag. It’s the […]

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The Beauty Challenged Have More Fun

Skag Draggers, Booger Queens, Garbage Girls … whatever you choose to call them, they’re always the life of the party. I’m reminded of something James St. James said in the Party Monster documentary, “If you’ve […]

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Jerome Caja: The Queen of Skag Drag

I can appreciate all types of drag, even the girls who go for the beaded gowns and Dynasty-era styling. This type tends to be a little too serious, but I will bow down to their […]

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Why Do I Hate Angel Wings?

Angel wings look like shit on nearly everyone. They’re too cutsie on children and everyone else either looks like they should be in a choir or are trying too hard to get laid. I also […]

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Are my pads showing? An exposed boob pad is not as bad as a trail of toilet paper stuck to a high heel, but it’s still somewhat upsetting to see. I suppose it’s a small […]

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Sluts A Go-Go

Yesterday’s Feast of Fools podcast with Peaches Christ inspired me to dig out some old Polaroids from my San Francisco days. Peaches, Marc and Fausto were discussing Phillip R. Ford‘s sci-fi drag epic, “Vegas In […]

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Mexican’s Rock!

Mexican’s aren’t just gang-bangers, kitchen help or street peddlers of oranges. I should know I’m Mexican, so I can get away with bringing up such stereotypes. Actually, my entire adult life I thought I was […]

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What Is It About Armpits?

Armpits are sexy. Even sweat-drenched pits that aren’t in a dress shirt can be sexy. Am I right? My friend Donald is sexy and I know he loves his armpits because he’s always drawing them. […]

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Stood Up and Abandoned

Determination is a drag queen’s middle name. And this photo is a good example of fortitude and endurance in the face of adversity. Actually, she does have legs, but I like this Polaroid more when […]

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On Baltimore Gay Pride is the Sexiest

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On Baltimore Gay Pride is the Sexiest

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On Baltimore Gay Pride is the Sexiest

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