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Love this show! great guest! » More

On FOF #2467 – My Twink Dating Disaster

I love this episode. although I was born in late 70s my parents were into Disco when I was growing up. This reminded me of... » More

On FOF #2270 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 8 – Disco, Drag & Exotica

Always love episodes with Show girls reference! 4 years ago after listening to FoF and the many episodes on Show girls we named our German... » More

On FOF #2031 – 17 Years A Showgirl

Just listened to the show and I learned from you guys about Gaga’s new video. Well I found out that it is just a lyric... » More

On FOF #1846 – Rock a Bye Baby

1. Sharon Needles 2. Auto Tune News 3. Auto Tune News 4. Manila Luzon 5. Raja 6. Auto Tune » More

On FOF #1806 – It’s OK to Yell at Michelle