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As an Irishman who came to America 26 years ago and just stuck around, I can give you a good ice breaker with the Irish who... » More

On FOF #1814 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I just noticed that your episode addressing the Boston Marathon tragedy is episode number 1776. That’s quite a coincidence…. » More

On FOF #1776 – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Fausto: “The point of copyright is not necessarily to protect the creative person as to ensure that new creative works get made[.]” This is exactly... » More

On FOF #1761 – The Rich Cultural Legacy of Madonna

Your video of how to make these beauties is so helpful! » More

On Easter Basket Cocktail

That’s where my hotel is. (And – by sheer coincidence – the gay bars.) » More

On FOF #1655 – Space Invaders