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It’s great to see religion and spirituality addressed in a frank forum like the FOF. I definitely have a “if you don’t want me I don’t... » More

On FOF #845 – Redefining Spirituality

Does anybody else have the biggest crush on Nirmalpal? I get so excited when I see him coming on a show, or on anything else. WELL... » More

On FOF #843 – The Pulse on Boystown

What a charming, funny, witty, engaging guest. You should definitely have this man back. I just like hearing him talk. Well done, again, guys! » More

On FOF #835 – HIV, AIDS and the Law

Weird thing: I just used that exact picture of Liberace as a Majorette in a blogcast last week. I was looking for a picture that screamed “gay”... » More

On FOF #834 – The Legacy of Liberace

I noticed Korto’s dress in the commercial too, but then my BF pointed out that the fabric she used came from D.V.F.s vault so they probably... » More

On FOF #833 – Project Drag Queen