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Ohhhh my God… I love this guy!… and he looks so gay here… I guess I will have to go to Broadway and check this guy... » More

On PHOTO: Even Wolverine Can be Fabulous!

Ohh wow.. I love Cameron! 🙂 » More

On FOF #1171 – Baptism by Steam Heat

Excellent Facebook Feature!!!! Kisses from Barcelona… » More

On FOF #1003 – Between the Sheets

Oh boy… such a great show… I also loved Emme… she was intelligent and sexy in a new way. An excellent mind-blowin’ girl/woman that has... » More

On FOF #978 – The Pop Princess and the Peruvian Player

I love Mr Cruz… He is so funny and you can’t stop laughing altogether. Keep the good work! » More

On FOF #967 – Cruz Control