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Jealousy. I feel the need to run to Pubelix and get some Ritter Sport. » More

On FOF #659 – Going to the World of Chocolate

After listening to the show I looked in my Phantom playbill and found out I had seen D.C. just a few weeks ago in Birmingham. Very... » More

On FOF #657 – Phantom of the Podcast

Great show. I had never heard of Alexyss before this and am now completely in love. I hope she gets her youtube videos back up so... » More

On FOF #658 – Alexyss Power

Shingo Mama isn’t a transsexual! It’s just a character Shingo Katori created for the SMAPxSMAP tv show and she became a big hit. Watch this vid... » More

On FOF #635 – Podcast of the Apes

It’s actually The Long Kiss Goodnight. Not Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. haha. Great movie though. One of my favorites. » More

On FOF #626 – It Takes Two to Tango