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Young Gay Hero Takes His First Steps

Fifteen-year-old Caleb Laieski is shaping our future. The Arizona teen co-founded a national anti-discrimination organization in 2008 – when he was a middle-school student. Now he’s working between classes and school breaks …

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Sherry Vine’s parody of Alejandro with an underlying message for closeted homophobes.

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Antibodies Found That Prevent Most HIV Strains

ScienceDaily (July 9, 2010) — Scientists have discovered two potent human antibodies that can stop more than 90 percent of known global HIV strains from infecting human cells in the laboratory, and have demonstrated how […]

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VIDEO: Commercial 3- Naked Football Players in Match.

Very funny soccer parody.

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High Court in UK Allows Gay Asylum Seekers to Stay

The Supreme Court has allowed appeals by two gay asylum seekers who faced persecution if returned home. Both men had been refused asylum in the UK on the grounds that they could avoid ill-treatment by […]

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Reduced Shakespeare Company ”Lost in 10 Mins”

All five seasons of Lost in 10 minutes by the reduced Shakespeare Company

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Glee Parody – Say a Little Prayer

Anyone who’s seen the original will laugh at this…

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Renault Twingo Advert

The new Renault Twingo advert – maybe we do live in modern times:-D

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Catherine Tate- “John’s a Gay Man” Sketch

When John comes out to his family he get a reaction most unexpected…

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