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Bulgarian-Romani Gay Pop Artist

Proof that mac users are totally gay! Plus, the hook is totally catchy… if you can get past the ridiculously campy video.

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Born This Way: Old Tranny Parody

Honestly? I don’t know how I feel about this. I feel like I should be offended; but goddamnit, it just works!

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Lady Gaga’s New Single: Judas

The new single “Judas” has the appeal of kitty liter, and the depth of a kiddy pool. But.. it’s Gaga, come on! Listen and be happy.

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black – Friday

The musical stylings of a very talented young girl; or, is it? Some say that she is making a statement on the state of modern pop music, while others claim that she is just another […]

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VIDEO: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga – Rap Battle

An amazing rap battle between Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga. This video combines our favorite (cough) two divas, dishing it out!

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On Bulgarian-Romani Gay Pop Artist

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On Bulgarian-Romani Gay Pop Artist

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On Born This Way: Old Tranny Parody

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On VIDEO: Rebecca Black – Friday