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“The fires of hatred will not consume us. We take the fire and make it our own.” THis is a beautiful quote. Something good to think... » More

On Looking Back in Photos: XXX-Mas XXXXXX-Treme

OMG guys! i just kick quicktime off my computer and i can see youtube and everything! Tracy your fun, your laugh is contagious…….please come back to... » More

On FOF #660 – In the Pink

Happy Thanksgiving Guys! WE in Kingston ontario CND are in a snow storm….LOL JOse! » More

On FOFA #201 – When Victoria Met Victoria

I am not into poetry but i look up Andrea Gibson’s site, and was impress by the peom “ELI” and in the show Andrea is very powerfull... » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

Yes Fausto i would. I could listen to him for hours. With all his past experience, he could touch so many people. I think that he... » More

On FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious