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Reply Hey – have you guys seen the tranny hooker macing the kid on the subway? High-Larious! » More

On FOF #1191 – The Joy of Being a Drag Queen

yay! it’s a dream come true, because not a week goes by that you guys don’t say lines from Showgirls, Fausto was like a kid... » More


The Secret was written by Rhonda Byrne, not Eckhart Tolle – he wrote A New Earth and The Power of Now, which (imho) are much better... » More

On FOF #1123 – Gay for God

Bitter, party of one, you’re table’s now ready.. what a hateful mean old woman, and she didn’t sound like she likes her fans or audience... » More

On FOF #1099 – Jackie Hoffman is Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore

Can’t wait to see you guys – glad you are coming to Nellie’s, you will really like the space and they have a nice roof deck.... » More

On FOF #1069 – Taste the Rainbow