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Dax Flame: Peer Pressure

Here is episode #3 of Dax Flame‘s voluminous and controversial YouTube diary, which documents the 15-year-old’s heart-rending, mind-bending attempt to make friends with a classmate, Jacob, who really, really excites him (see here if you […]

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Raquel Welch in Mexico

It’s great!

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Teenage Margo Channing Says “Welcome to the Theater”

Self-described “Broadway nerd” Ashley digs into the very same “Applause” soundtrack that brought us the enthralling overkill of “But Alive” and lends her youthful flesh to Lauren Bacall‘s ragged wheeze. The results are stunning! —John […]

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Dawn French, “It Should Have Been Me”

From the hit Brit-com “The Vicar of Dibley” (to be remade for US TV later this as “The Minister of Divine,” starring Kirstie Alley). “It Should Have Been Me,” recorded over the years by a […]

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“Spandex Uphoria Part 1”

Jason and friend slipped into something tight and black, then headed down to the Wal-Mart to freak out the squares (like a pair of modern-day Teri Garrs). We suggest you shut down your computer right […]

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Lauren Bacall as Margo Channing in a Gay Bar

Mrs. Bogart croaks her way through this forceful number from “Applause,” the 1970 musical adaptation of “All About Eve.” In this scene, stage legend Margo Channing (Bacall) follows her assistant down to Greenwich Village, with […]

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Petula Clark, “A Sign of the Times”

It turns out that 60s chanteuse Petula Clark, whose mega-hit, “Downtown,” is assuredly playing on an oldies station somewhere right this minute, has at least one other song to her credit. (In fact, according to […]

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“I Go to Rio” on Ice

Nothing says “Brazil” like winter sports, so Canadian bronze-medal Olympic skater Toller Cranston adds some ruffle sleeves to his black tights and lets loose on “I Go to Rio.” He also demonstrates a simple, ingenious […]

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A Public Affair, by Jessica Simpson Fans

This one mostly speaks for itself. I especially like the big sunglasses and bigger attitude of the dude on the right, and that the guy behind them playing video games doesn’t seem to realize the […]

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Amanda Lear, Follow Me

In this sin-sational song, from the concept album “Sweet Revenge,” the gorgeous, fascinating, and slightly ridiculous Amanda Lear wants to entice you into a life of soulless glamour. “Follow Me” is just the beginning of […]

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