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So my favorite podcast is feast of fools and my favorite show is project runway so you can guess how excited I was when I saw... » More

On FOF #833 – Project Drag Queen

OMG Nick has lost so much weight. I remember when we met him at the media expo, this “straight” boy with a very limp wrist quickly... » More

On FOF #822 – Twitter Suicide

Oh my god, our little boy did it. Hes collection was fucking amazing I almost busted a nut. I knew he was going to win from... » More

On FOFA #681 – Project Christian

Marc you are such a handsome man but you need to shave off that beard. We want to see your pretty face. » More

On FOF #674 – Looking Back on 2007

I wish I could have been there for the call in show. I was at work until 2:30. Meaning it is like 4:30 there. I expect... » More

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