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“Citizen, Show Me Your Papers!”

I wrote this story for Voices of Arizona in response to the awful immigration bill signed into law recently. (Arizona is not a state of hatred and ignorance. The community has already organized and is […]

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Campaign Video in Arizona

This is a REAL campaign video for a Andrew Thomas running for Attorney General in Arizona. It’s practically a parody of itself already. I beseech any deity that this guy does not win.

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John’s a Gay Man Now.

This isn’t really new but it’s one of my favorite videos on YouTube. It’s 5 min long, so kinda long, but pretty funny.

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Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll on Ebay

This is for sale on Ebay. It looks just like him!

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Why Buy Dog Food When You Can Breast Feed!

How do you stop your dog from barking? Breastfeed her, of course. It worked for Suzanne Morgan, 32, anyway. The rest is here.

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Gobbles the Goat

I found this picture on Flickr

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Cookie Monster and Sesame Street

‘Sesame Street’s’ been swept, but the magic of show remains

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