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Upon listening to what I agreed to on the podcast I realized that Fausto said I go to University of Illinois and I said yes. I... » More

On FOF #817 – Dog Clone Lady

I still haven’t seen Wicked, but I bought the recently released 5 disc collector’s edition of the Wizard of Oz for my ex for Christmas, along... » More

On FOF #703 – Little Big Gay Podcast

Great show! I need to have a pen nearby so I can remember what to say for my comments… Oh! Yes! I want to be shirtless... » More

On FOF #676 – Armor Plated Pitbulls

Great episode! Very thought provoking. I think we, as a disenfranchised group, are not doing nearly as much as we should be doing for our rights. To quote... » More

On FOF #590 – The Hate Bug

It really was great, Rick. And yes, I think if I didn’t feel like I was on an island in the city when I was 18... » More

On SHOW #8 – Chris Garneau Sings The Island