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Oh, you guys. We’d follow you anywhere. » More

On Say Hello to Feast of Fun

That Michael is amazing, not only was he adorable on the show but he paid off my credit card debt and took my Mother shopping. If... » More

On FOF #916 – The Hat that Wouldn’t Die

*****Gratuitous unsolicited Fausto moment.***** Not that I want to trash talk. But, even If I didn’t know Fausto I would of voted for him on the Gay... » More

On FOF #662 – Ting A Ling

Shouldn’t everyone prance around like a drunken fairy at least once? » More

On FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm

Bears. GRRRRRRRR. Marc if you lick enough Bears you’re gonna get a hairball. So watch out! » More

On FOF #649 – Got the Feeling for Reeling