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Market Days: A Straight Guy’s Perspective

Resident “straight” bro Brice O’Connell discusses his thoughts on Market Days, abs and waffles.

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FoxNews Goes Gaga Over Gay Marriage

Prop 8 has been overturned by a federal judge in California. And thus the flames of hate have begun to flicker on the FoxNews comments section. I parse a few choice comments and add my […]

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Kicking the Groupon Habit

Groupon may seem innoccent enough. The site delivers deals on things like  frozen yogurt and pottery classes to your inbox every morning. But what happens if you can’t control yourself? What happens if Groupon becomes […]

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Hissy Fit: Protesting Target is a Fool’s Game

Gay marriage. Gay adoption rights. Funding to fight AIDS. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Target. When you look at it like that, the Target “controversey” seems like a waste of our energy, especially when so many […]

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Chicagoans Are a Bunch of Liars Who Like Tea

Tea company Honest Tea did a little social experiment recently in downtown Chicago to gauge how honest the Windy City really is. It turns out, we’re not so honest. Find out what Satire and the […]

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Keep Opossum Abortion Legal!

After a dead opossum was found on the steps of a Chicago Planned Parenthood, there is only one conclusion for us to draw: preserve a opossum’s right to choose! As made up by Oliver Quimby […]

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8 Reasons Why Chicago Hipsters Should Own Guns

The Supreme Court recently ruled that Chicago’s gun ordinances are unconstitutional. Now anyone and everyone can own a gun. Even hipsters! Here’s 8 reasons why our mustachioed friends should arm themselves.

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The Pitchfork Music Festival: A Big Pile of Schvitz

Read Janice Weiss’ (a.k.a. Keith Ecker) review of the Pitchfork Music Festival, one of the largest indie music fests in the country!

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The Top 10 Places to Visit While High in Chicago

Do you like top 10 lists? Who doesn’t? The sexy mustachioed entertianment reporter Zeeth Zolopous (a.k.a. Keith Ecker) can’t get enough of them. Check out Zeeth’s latest story on  Satire and the City to discover […]

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Fish in Space!

Chicago is threatened by scaly fish from the Far East! How ever will we stop them. Oliver Quimby (a.k.a. Keith Ecker) has the answer.

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