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Marsian! It’s about time. Don’t leave it so long between visits. Still gutted I missed you at the Edinburgh Festival last year. » More

On FOF #1013 – Stonewall Michael Jackson

Pam Ann is still touring the UK and Australia. If you’re a fan, you guys should check out Bob Downe. Baby Teeth! Yay! » More

On FOF #1006 – Charleston Chew

Fausto, Marc, a very happy 1000th show! I’ve been listening every day for over 900 I think and gone through all the highs and lows with... » More

On FOF #1000 – Grand Slam Buffet

I loved Glenn’s openness on the show. It’s so refreshing. Did you know David Gest has a stage show which tours in the UK? It’s a strange... » More

On FOF #980 – 100 Things Glenn Douglas Packard Has Done

VMarr, I nearly fell out of bed when I heard you were back on the show. I almost wet myself with excitement, and shed a little... » More

On FOF #962 – A Hard Woman is Good to Find