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I gotta admit, I almost turned it off within the first 15 minutes, but I kept listening. A little weirded out by some of the stuff,... » More

On FOF #655 – Up for Anything

i am inspired » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

A great week of FOF, you guys! The rooster story was hillarious! Like something out of a David Sedaris book. » More

On FOF #652 – The Mama Mia Effect

When did they start selling paint at Linens n’ Things? GO GO POWER RANGER!! » More

On FOF #651 – Brett Curious

I think it would be much more sanitary to just pull the covers over your head and let a few rip… great show! Sabrina is hillariously charming » More

On FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm