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All Irish persons should stop this suicide bit. Consumption of them will be tougher if they do not. This is my public service announcement. It is... » More

On FOF #922 – Superbowl XL Ay, Ay, Ay!

You guys really nailed this one. Great interview! » More

On FOF #911 – Michael’s Plea

This specific show is so amazing, in so many ways. Its like Gay 101 condensed into one hour. Can’t wait to find more like it! Thanks a... » More

On FOFA #829 – Stoking the Fire

Tracy. You Rock. That is all. Marc and Fausto, I guess you rock too 😉 » More

On FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

Runway, Hallway, whats the difference?… Gays do what they want. » More

On Ben Lerman – Four Minutes, Hey!