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How to Do Drag!

Read Lola von Miramar’s entertaining new blogpost about online drag tutorials! Thanks to Fausto and Marc for all the great suggestions, including Blanche Babcock’s YouTube videos! Lola shares videos by Michigan’s own Janet from Janet’s […]

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VIDEO: Cute Bears Read Marx – and Like It!

Hmmmm. Watch these cute blond college-age bears singing a Katy Perry-inspired “I Read Some Marx (And I Liked It!)” in their dorm room! Who knew college life could be so much fun!  Is reading Marx […]

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Zona Rosa Gay Latino Magazine!

Check out the new issue (#4) of Zona Rosa, a gay Latino magazine published in New York City! (page has dowloadable PDF link) Also make sure to see PuntoGayLatino, a gay Latino website by the […]

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VIDEO: ¡Qué Viva África! (with Shakira and Freshlyground)

Watch Shakira and  Freshlyground performing “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa),” the official theme song  of the 2010 World Cup, which is being held in South Africa. It is a very moving song and they […]

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Whatever Lola Wants! (With Sarah Vaughan)

Lola von Miramar ALWAYS gets whatever she wants! In this blogpost, she shares a wonderful video of the song “Whatever Lola Wants” with vocals by Sarah Vaughan and then goes through a tour of Latin […]

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VIDEO: Puerto Rican Gay Literature

Join Lola von Miramar as she talks about the pioneering Puerto Rican LGBT anthology Los Otros Cuerpos (2007) and reads passages by the very important writers Manuel Ramos Otero (1948-1990) and Rane Arroyo (1954-2010)! VIDEO […]

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VIDEO: Watch Out for the Demented Chuchi the Clown!

Chuchi the Clown is the extraordinary creation of the very talented and multifaceted gay Cuban/Puerto Rican writer and performance artist Charlie Vázquez, who is the author of the recently published novel Contraband and who also […]

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VIDEO: OMG! Lola von Miramar Dressed as a Boy!

Ever wondered what the fabulous Lola von Miramar looks like as a boy (i.e., as Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes)? Watch this fun video about my book Uñas pintadas de azul/Blue Fingernails, recorded at McNally Jackson Books […]

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VIDEO: Lola von Miramar Loves Ricky Martin!

The always zany and crazy Lola von Miramar (my drag alter ego) talks about the July 2010 issue of People en Español, which features an article about Ricky Martin and his two boys, Valentino and […]

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VIDEO: Lola Makes Tostones! (Behind the Scenes)

Lola von Miramar (that is to say, me) takes a little break in the middle of a delightful Feast of Fun video production and shares her thoughts on being in her first drag video with […]

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