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Hot Turkish Soap Operas

While most of us only know about the conflict between Turkish peace activists and Israeli military forces regarding the blockade of  Gaza, the Arab world becomes entranced with steamy Turkish soap operas. A fascinating article […]

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VIDEO: Lola Von Miramar Teaches You How to Say Hello in Spanish!

A lovely greeting from my drag persona Lola von Miramar and the one and only Mr. Fausto Fernós! Learn how to say “hola” and “adiós” with us!

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VIDEO: Hot Young Man Dancing With Stripper Pole

Check out Lola Lypsinka out of drag rehearsing for pole performance! An amuzing sexy video that showed up while we were watching my alter drag persona  Lola von Miramar’s video saying hello in Spanish.

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Queer Culture: Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora

Interview in English with Larry La Fountain about his book Queer Ricans and LGBT Puerto Rican culture.

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Cultura Queer: Puertoriqueños en la diaspora

Entrevista en español con Larry La Fountain-Stokes en la que habla sobre su libro Queer Ricans y su trabajo. También discute temas LGBT y queer puertorriqueños.

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Gay Avatar Sex Parties – Just What We Needed!

Oh how fun – not! (OK, well, maybe a little bit.) Gay Avatar Sex Parties! Who knew.  Includes the following jewel in the comments: “Well, let’s hope these Gayvatards aren’t like Puerto Ricans and don’t […]

Latinas Are the New Extraterrestials

Afro-Dominican American actress Zoe Saldaña (who played Uhura in the 2009 release of Star Trek) adopts a non-human form in the new James Cameron space fantasy Avatar. Color-blind casting, or the perpetuation and expansion of […]



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