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Loved the show! By the way, as you can see from the watermark on the video, the badgerbadgerbadger song is from It’s a comedy website... » More

On FOF #767 – Viral Animals

I don’t hate Dave! I just like a spirited debate! XD However, I still disagree with what he says–I still feel that it is straight-up denial... » More

On FOF #683 – 100 Monkeys

I love slam poems. I played one for a friend, and both knocked me clear off my feet. The intensity and beauty of their words made... » More

On FOF #654 – Word Warriors

The drunk fairy is a total hottie! I loved the interview with Sabrina. She’s always so hilarious and witty. I love how seriously she considered the... » More

On FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm

This was a wonderful interview. I was so surprised by how approachable Ru turned out to be! Plus, showing my friends the album art and watching... » More

On FOF #648 – Starrbootylicious