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Great Show y’all ( yeah I live in the south, I am allowed to use that) Fausto, sometimes I swear I listen to what you say and... » More

On FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

Fausto Chicken and Waffles, done most ways that I know of is not roasted chicken…. Down South they fry their chicken πŸ™‚ Fried Chicken on top... » More

On FOF #737 – Chix and Waffles

Incredible Interview Boys ! ! ! ! ! For as much as I have despised and denounced this church, Shirley and the rest of her... » More

On FOF #690 – Shirley Phelps: An Unlikely Champion

Great Show ! As a once avid reader of his livejournal it was great to put a voice to his face… Talented, funny, and travelled… yeah... » More

On FOF #637 – Thai Sex Slavery

I really expected that video to go into the dark place FAST… Jonathan you did look really cute in the pink undies πŸ™‚ Wow I am... » More

On SHOW #10 – Who Wants Cake?