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FOF #220 – The Search for the Straightest Man in America

What can be more gay than a beauty pageant to find out who the straightest man in America? It seems that former rock musician and professional wrestler, now turned Christian minister, Rev. Tom Crouse wants […]

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FOF #216 – Tips and Trends for 2006

The visionary “kweer” puppeteer and performance artist Marsian De Lellis a modern day Truman Capote, used to be really fascinated with Michael Jackson and his freaky celebrity culture. So much in fact, that he predicted […]

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FOF #204 – One Night Stands

Eric Himan grew up in a military home, traveling all over the world as his father got stationed. As an adult, Eric travels the road 85% of the year as a grassroots folk-rock musician, initially […]

FOF #203 – The Hermaphroditic Goat

The president of the Feast of Fools fan club Alan Gentry had a pet goat who happened to be a hermaphrodite when he was a kid. We’re not kidding you. For real. For those of […]

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FOF #202 – Cirque Du So Gay

We’re baaack!Today drag diva Vaginal Creme Davis (now known as Vaginal Davis, sans the creme) gets interveiwed by our NYC correspondent John Q Sanchez, and on it she admits she doesnt know what an iPod […]

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FOF #201 – When Victoria Met Victoria

Among many of our guests for our Thanksgiving dinner were Victoria Lamarr and my 14 year old niece Victoria Morales. You can imagine the look on my niece’s face when she came face-to-face with this […]

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FOF #200 – Origin of the Species

Where did all this come from? Unintelligent design or devolution? Come celebrate our 200th episode as your hosts Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion talk with members of the Feast of Fools family! We gain insight […]

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FOF #199 – Return of the Queen of Camp, part 2

Charles Busch returns for part two of his interview with Fausto Fernós and David Cerda. Did you know they only spent $35 to put on “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom?” Nowdays Chalres works with a much […]

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FOF #198 – The Queen of Camp, part 1

Charles Busch’s first play, “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom,” was written in-between coffee breaks while working as a temp in Manhattan. He and his friends just HAD to put on the show. They loved what they […]

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FOF #197 – Fun with AIDS

AIDS is one of those few four-capital-letter worded diseases that puts everyone on the edge of their seats, like MRSA, SARS, or SIDS. You really have to give it up to the creative person who […]

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