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‘Fools’ gold: Local gay podcast getting national attention

“I want the underdog to have a voice,” says Fausto Fernos, half of “Feast of Fools”. Fernos and his boyfriend, Marc Felion, have been recording podcasts for the past year and a half and have […]

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Cocktail: Agua Fresca

During the summer, all over Mexico people beat the heat by throwing fresh fruit into a blender and mixing it with tons of water, a little bit of sugar and a pinch of salt as […]

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Cocktail: La Ginger Osaka

La Ginger Osaka certainly will improve Sino-Russian relations with its French flair. This drink is a lovely combination of Japanese ginger and Russian Vodka topped of with Champagne. Ingredients: 3 ounces Vodka Thin shavings of […]

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Cocktail: The Chicago Razor

Our Mexi-licious correspondent César Torres brought us this tasty, health-friendly recipe during Gay Games week when he competed with his triathlon team the Chicago Razors. The Razors’ official cocktail is also a good alternative to […]

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Cocktail: Blu Cho

This drink I concoted to celebrate our 300th episode with comedian Margaret Cho. I was so excited to find this Blueberry infused vodka, I just couldn’t wait to make a drink out of it! Fausto […]

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FOF #299 – Amanda’s Big Adventure

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind for our big, beautiful and purple pal Amanda Sylvia Steinstein. First she went to visit her family in Massachusetts, then off to New York City for our […]

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FOF #298 – The Joy of The Wet Spots

Cass King and John Woods first started dating under the pretense of wanting to collaborate musically. The first year the couple met, they spent mostly discovering each other, you know, in BED. These days the […]

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FOF #297 – Backstage with Baby Teeth

Come take a little trip with me and my good pal the Rev. DJ (who is neither an ordained minister nor a professional disk jockey) as we leave the house for some fun and music […]

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FOF #296 – Cleopatra was a Hairy Beast

You always learn new things from podcasts. On today’s show, two of our favorite animal rights activits, Mike Brazel and Sebastian Zoech drive all the way to Chicago to hang out with Ronnie, Marc and […]

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FOF #295 – A Walk in the Park

On a lovely spring day like today, V-Marr begins the show by destroying the microphone with the power of her singing voice. You gotta understand, we’re all inspired into a frenzy by the Cher/Tina Turner/Kate […]

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