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FOF #295 – A Walk in the Park

On a lovely spring day like today, V-Marr begins the show by destroying the microphone with the power of her singing voice. You gotta understand, we’re all inspired into a frenzy by the Cher/Tina Turner/Kate […]

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FOF #294 – Misery Loves Company

Kiki, the world’s most miserable lesbian joins us today to talk about personal pet peeves in interpersonal relationships. Kiki wants to know if people out there are as fed up with mass media marketing as […]

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FOF #293 – Absinthe Induced Hysteria

One of our lovely listeners, Tom Armstrong came all the way to the USA to help celebrate my birthday and brought over an AUTHENTIC bottle of Absinthe which of course we promptly consumed. We really […]

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FOF #292 – Baby, We’re Back

As if we can’t say thank you enough here we go again. Today Marc, Ronnie and myself reminisce on all the lovely colorful people we met at our fabulous Meet N’ Greet last Thursday at […]

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FOF #291 – Puppet Factory Tour

Comedian and animator Adam Pierce began his entertainment career in sketch comedy where he met his wife and began the sucessful New York based animation studio, Charged. A former member of the comedy troupe Scary […]

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FOF #290 – New York is So Pretty

Today we take a few steps back in time and give you a behind the scenes “view” of our fabulous, glamorous trip to New York City. I really should have posted this the day we […]

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FOF #289 – The World’s Largest Gay Neighborhood

Good people of the world give us your hungry huddled masses yearning for something good to put into their iPods. Give us your freaks, your misfits, your outcasts who go by voiceless and nameless and […]

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FOF #288 – Fountain of Freaks

Thompson Square park in New York City has a special holy ground for hippies and for gays. It seems that BOTH the Hare Krishna religion and Wigstock can trace their origins to the exact same […]

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FOF #287 – Fancy and Carefree

Last Saturday my good pal D.J. (who has never worked as a nightclub deejay) and I got all spiffied up and drove down to the Chicago Hilton for the Center on Halsted’s annual gala dinner. […]

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FOF #286 – Fabulous Films You Should See

We’re getting ready to go to New York City so today we dig up a little gem of a show Ronnie and I taped a month ago for a rainy day like today. Marc had […]

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