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Pink for Pride Videos

Pride is here and we’re all in the pink! Here’s a special

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When are you coming to our town?

When is the Feast of Fools coming to my town? More specifically, when are we coming to Seattle? San Francisco? We really don’t know. But we’re working on it! But now, with you can […]

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FOF #547 – Million Dollar Squealer

Better delete those numbers from your cell phone! We’re not ones to kiss and tell, but for a million dollars, who knows what sinful sexual knowledge we would reveal. Hustler magazine’s founder and publisher Larry […]

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Happy Gay Pride Month

Everybody at the Feast of Fools wishes you a Happy Pride Month. We have some dancers here to help us celebrate this very gay month. Hope you enjoy. Go for more to see some vintage […]

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FOFA #360 – Like Normal People

This show is all backwards. We begin with the ending, and end with the beginning. So don’t get confused. A huge argument stars with Amanda Steinstein over which celebrities have played the mentally disabled in […]

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FOFA #428 – Certifiably Santeria Priestess

A haunting, lingering feel from the free flu-shots we had last week is leaving Marc and me off-center. Help! Call on Miss Ronnie to the rescue. What better way to expel the bad spirits that […]

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FOF #537 – Tickled Pink

Will and Grace are in the house tonight! Well, not really but close enough- today we are joined by of Allison Ford and Jim Bresnahan who are the co-chairs of the Tickled Pink 2007. The […]

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FOF #533 – Pie in the Sky

Take a good look at Sky Dailey’s face, because it’s about to change. By time time you read this, Sky will have gone through the first series of operations to appear on the outside the […]

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Sal-E’s Night Out.

Ever wonder what Sal-E does on his nights out in the clubs? Here’s a little peak.

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SHOW #3 – Jo-Jo Twirls

Jo-Jo lets his hair down and takes it for a little spin. Watch him as he twirls and twirls! SUBSCRIBE TO SHOW ME NOW: RSS FEED | iTunes | YouTube

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