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FOF #521 – Queer Music Showcase

Come listen to the music! Gregg Shapiro comes over to chat with Marc and me about the Alt Q Music Festival at the Old Town School of Folk Music, hosted by our good friend Scott […]

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MINI – Little Dolls

Jo-Jo plays with his dolls. SUBSCRIBE WITH: iTUNES | RSS FEED OTHER WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE: Google Homepage/Google Reader

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FOF #520 – Lost in Translation

Gay Fun Show is like a podcast bouquet of spring flowers with a spicy bee buzzing inside. How far will you go to get a Feast of Fools t-shirt? Our lovely loyal listener, Molly Brown […]

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Forbes Magazine Internet Celebrities

Well, we didn’t make the list of the Internet’s Top 25 Celebrities, but you new that already didn’t you? That awful bore New Zealand-born actress Jessica Rose who portrayed Bree, a 16-year-old home-schooled American teenager […]

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Cocktail: Moon Dragon

This beautifully colored drink is delicious to sip on. The Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya replaces the cranberry juice in this alternative to the traditional Cosmopolitan. With its fuchsia-pink skin and scales, this pitaya fruit is […]

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We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday

Today is Fausto’s birthday. Come hang out with us as we go check out Lizz Winstead’s live show tonight 8pm at Zanies in Old Town, Chicago. Sorry folks, LIZZ’S SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL THE […]

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Tribute Video from Rachel Ribcage

Here’s a tribute to the Feast of Fools from Rachel, a Michigan girl that’s living in Australia. It feels like we have our very own lonelygirl15 only prettier, smarter and not so scared of cults. […]

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Violet Nine – Any Wonder

Violet Nine – Any Wonder: iTunes I CD Baby | Amazon

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Solitaire Miles-Solitaire Miles

Classic standard jazz from a great singer with wonderful accompaniment. Solitaire Miles-Solitaire Miles: CD Baby

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Saffire – Deluxe Edition

Sultry women sing the blues. Saffire – Deluxe Edition: iTunes | Amazon

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