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FOF #272 – Miss Understood Goes to Thailand

Our lovely gal-pal Miss Understood pictured on the right joins us today to talk about her month-long trip to Thailand, Thai food, massage parlors, drag queens, trannies, costumes, and why Thai people are so laid […]

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FOF #271 – Is This Good For Plants?

We met actor/singer Anthony Wills Jr. at a local karaoke bar singing “Sweet Transvestite” at the top of his lungs, drunk off his ass. Victoria was with me when I saw him and both of […]

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FOF #270 – Desperately Seeking Sanity

Stand back! This podcast is on fire. Today Marc, V-Marr and Fausto go off on a wild wild ride through the choppy terrain of American religious fundamentalism, starting off with a little skit “starring”conservative political […]

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FOF #269 – Levi Kreis Bares His Soul

Levi Kreis is nice. A childhood musical prodigy, his parents were blown away when at the tender young age of six he learned to play “Pomp and Circumstance” after coming home from his kindergarten graduation. […]

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FOF #268 – Worshiping the Diva Within

Nutritional Overachievers Unite! Miss Ronnie is in the hizzy tonight as we explain how we put our foot in our mouth on yesterday’s show. We make some apologies to our fine Australian listeners and read […]

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FOF #266 – Tim Miller Gets Naked

Tim Miller makes a living traveling around the country talking about his life as a gay man in a way nobody else can. Usually getting naked in his solo one man performances, Tim weaves a […]

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FOF #265 – Lights Out, Nobody’s Home

A blackout forces us to do today’s show “unplugged” and unscripted. The beautiful thing about being at home when the lights go out is that you get an opportunity to stop everything you’re doing, appreciate […]

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FOF #264 – Voluptuous Love

Caught with our pants down our fabulous friends Sal-E and GiGi Deluxe (pictured on the right) stopped over to hang out and chew the fat. Gigi was on our show a while back, she’s this […]

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FOF #263 – Not as Dumb as She Looks

It turns out the Loch Ness Monster after all was Dumbo’s momma. After years of people trying to solve what the Loch Ness Monster was, it turned out to be an elephant swimming. It was […]

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FOF #262 – The Eroticism of Fascism

The rapturous beauty in the tragic story of two young men in a Nazi training academy took our breath away last night! We’re talking about the Denis Gansel film “Napola” (Before the Fall) which takes […]

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