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Cocktail: Mochatini

Chocolate Martini #3 On this cocktail we suggest a brand name liquor, the Starbucks Coffee Liquor. It’s really good. 2 oz Starbucks Coffee Liquor 2 oz Chocolate Liquor 2 oz vodka Throw ingredients with ice […]

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FOF #247 – The Morning After

For you lonely souls out there, consider yourself lucky. Plastic surgery as a Valentine’s Day present to your loved one is all the rage in China. It seems couples are not only getting the usual […]

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FOF #246 – Valentine’s Day Cocktail Assorment

Over a decade ago Rick Karlin met his partner Gregg Shapiro and they have been madly in love since then. Today we celebrate long-lasting relationships everywhere with a delightful assortment of cocktails concoted by Rick […]

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Cocktail: Valencia

Chocolate Martini #2 Us latinos are very passionate people. Why our language itself Spanish is a romantic language. Romantic languages are languages who have Latin as a root (Spanish, French, Italian, Portugeuse). And the people […]

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Cocktail: Mexican Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini #1 Hijole! This Michoacan Martini is one spicy treat to heat up Valentine’s Day. If you don’t get some from making one of these you must be dead. The Mexican Chocolate martini is […]

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FOF #240 – Fashion Tips and Tricks

Chicago nightclub entertainer Sal-E was laughing at me, Fausto because I was wearing the exact same sweater and pants he saw me in the other day. But Chicago is a very windy city, in more […]

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Cocktail: The Rosie

Like a dozen long stemmed roses, this Valentine’s day cocktail will certainly put your honey in the mood. When making this cocktail, keep in mind that a little rose water goes a long way. The […]

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FOF #242 – Booty Face

Pictures of the worlds’ first face transplant have been released this week, and we just want to say she actually looks kind of normal. Normal for a face transplant. Also this week, President Bush and […]

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FOF #241 – Screaming, Dancing Queens

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. The cat being Marc, and the mice being me (Fausto), my stylist Sal-E, and our intern Ryan Slasinsky. Since on the weekends Marc works as a bartender, […]

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Cocktail: Dancing Queen

Our intern Ryan says he and his pals thought this one up late at night. It’s surprisingly delicious and tastes nothing like you would think it would. 2 parts Moonstone Asian Pear Sake (or any […]

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