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The most beautiful woman on the internet returns! V-Marr, it was so wonderful to hear your voice today. Every day since that first meet-and-greet in NYC I... » More

On FOF #962 – A Hard Woman is Good to Find

I loved Cameron’s rendition of “Part Of Your World.” Truly inspiring. 🙂 » More

On FOF #914 – Inaugural Balls

Fausto, I think that song you were trying to remember is “How Do You Talk To An Angel.” I’ve actually heard it on the radio a... » More

On FOF #905 – Joining the Impact

Happy 900th! I was looking up the etymology of sphincter and sarcasm, and I hate to be the one to spoil the fun, but it would appear... » More

On FOF #900 – No One Loves Christmas Like the Jews

Did anyone else think that the self-described 23-year recovering alcoholic sounded wicked drunk when he was asking his question? I think he was obviously just... » More

On FOF #807 – Let’s Take a Glass Together