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Sorry for the late comment — I didn’t have a internet connection until now. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Never been to Steamworks since there isn’t... » More

On FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

I listen to Fausto’s account of Christmas in his youth with great fascination and wonder — since my family do not celebrate Christmas. I could never... » More

On FOF #660 – In the Pink

A Taiwanese congressman also had a similar incident as the candidate for Australian prime minister. He was caught on camera picking his nose and wiping his... » More

On FOF #653 – Thanksgiving Blind Date

Great show, again, guys. Sorry, off topic, but any body heard about Condoleezza Rice sharing a home and line of credit with another woman? It was predicted... » More

On FOF #611 – Your New Fetish

No offense to y’all Starbucks lovers, I don’t really like Starbucks. While Starbucks may be a great company to work for and makes somewhat good coffee,... » More

On FOF #606 – Lesbian iPod